Atlas Copco F9C SmartRig

The ROC F9 drill rig is optimally designed for the most cost-efficient top hammer drilling in mines and limestone or aggregate quarries. The ROC F9 is available with a single boom and long feed ideal for use in quarries or with a folding boom, which has a greater reach and yields more holes per rig setup. A low centre of gravity and high ground clearance make the rig easy to transport to any work site quickly and safely.

Features & benefits

  • Folding boom and low centre of gravity for greater utilization of the rig in extreme terrain conditions.
  • Double-drill steel support with movable lower support for minimum hole deviation and better collaring.
  • The high-pressure compressor ensures the ideal amount of air for cutting removal, regardless of pressure drops in drill steel.

Technical Specifications

Hole diameter    89 – 127 mm

Product series   FlexiROC

Drilling method  Top hammer

Cabin (Y/N)       Yes




These are photo’s of our F9c Smartrig. This drill is equipped with Measure While Drilling (MWD). Hole range from 89 mm to 127 mm. Will possibly be fitted out with Hole Navigation System(HNS) in 2015.