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Face Profiling

Laser Face Profiling

Ensuring perfect blasting and fragmentation control

To ensure better blasting and fragmentation control, EXEL Drilling utilises state-of-the-art face profiling software specially designed for optimising safety, accuracy and productivity.

Harnessing the power of both our face profiling software and human expertise, EXEL Drilling’s technical and surveying staff perform in-depth calculations and audits before and during the drilling of boreholes, giving us unparalleled precision and real-time readings to better guide each successive drill.

Our laser-guided calculations include bench heights, minimum and optimum burdens, and drill hole angles, depths and offsets.

This service is performed either as a standalone procedure or as part of a comprehensive drilling and blasting package, and is ideal for quarry blasting, open-pit mining, pre-splitting, contouring and other applications where face profiles affect the safety or productivity of a site.

Included and complementary features and applications of this service include:

  • Drill and blast consultancy
  • Detailed costings
  • Vibration and environmental assessment
  • Safety analysis and assessment
  • Computer-assisted pattern design and mark-up
  • Bore tracking

These photos show our survey instrument. This is a Robotic Topcon Surveying instrument with Topsurv Tripod, Rs radio modem. This is a complete single person surveying instrument.

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