Road Cutting

Road Cut Drilling & Blasting

Precision drilling and blasting for roadway and rail cuttings

EXEL Drilling offers specialist drilling and blasting services for road and rail cuttings, from civil road construction to preparing haul and access roads for mine and quarry sites.

We supply comprehensive drilling and blasting through any terrain or rock formation, providing everything from initial surveying and face profiling to drilling and shot firing. We conduct detailed assessments and volume surveys, and work with clients to ensure the desired results are achieved within time and budget.

Our particular area of expertise is in pre-splitting using controlled blasting methods for open pit mining, and also in drilling and blasting in high-sensitivity areas. By accurately blasting roadway excavation perimeters, EXEL Drilling can offer your site with safe and stable walls, delivered quickly and precisely.

This service can include any of the following:

  • Pre and post-blast survey and assessment
  • Detailed costings
  • Vibration and environmental assessment
  • Safety analysis and assessment
  • Blast pattern design and mark-up
  • Laser face profiling

Our other services

For more information on our other capabilities, either as standalone services or as part of a comprehensive suite, please see the pages below.


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