Computer Guided Precision

Making your site more productive, one measurement at a time.

From consultancy to ROG

Comprehensive service suite for any project size or scope.

Technology that counts

Laser-guided accuracy for perfect drilling and blasting

Safeguarding productivity and profitability

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Drilling & Blasting

End-to-end drilling and blasting, delivered with the ultimate precision, speed and safety.

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Face Profiling

Laser-assisted face profiling for accurate bore drilling and blast planning

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Bore Tracking

Real-time auditing and surveying to ensure optimum precision, efficiency and productivity.

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Pattern Design

Designing borehole and blasting patterns to maximise output and minimise wastage.

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Road Cutting

Accuracy and safety for any road or rail cutting, from civil projects to on-site access.

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  • Ingersoll-Rand 635 (x2)

    Powered With A Cat 3116TA (210 HP) With 6271 hrs., Customer Installed Pro-Heat Engine Heater, Model HC120 Drifter (2617 Hrs) , 275cfm /128psi Air, Auto Rod Changer, Cab W/ Air, Hyd Centralizer,Dust Collector,Montabert Auto Drilling System, Night Lights

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  • Atlas Copco F7-11

    This drill can drill holes from 76 mm to 115 mm.

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  • Atlas Copco D9C SmartRig

    Automated, silenced and guided by GPS

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  • Atlas Copco F9C SmartRig

    The ROC F9 drill rig is optimally designed for

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  • F9 Brand New

    This is the drill on delivery to EXEL Drilling brand new

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EXEL Drilling: Partnering with industry

EXEL Drilling is your dependable partner in drilling, blasting and a wide range of ancillary services.

Specialising in all aspects of drilling and blasting, EXEL Drilling is a reputable supplier to industry and production throughout Central and North Queensland.

  • Coal mining
  • Metalliferous mining
  • Quarrying
  • Exploratory drilling
  • Cable bolt drilling
  • Pre-Splitting
  • Roadway cuttings
  • Test holes

All services are carried out to the highest levels of computer-guided precision and safety to ensure maximum productivity and minimum wastage and downtime.

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